Sometime beauty can’t be captured by a camera. Feelings within us, ones that make the day a good one, can only be shown abstractly.

I hadn’t worked much on my story this past week. Maybe I needed a mental break; I was having trouble getting through a section of it. But I had set aside time to work on it today – it was a holiday and there was no rush to be anywhere. I sat down, focused (often a difficult task for me), and wrote. I accomplished 1300 words and still plan to write more tonight.

Think I can make it to 2000? Here’s hoping. The feeling of accomplishment sure is a beautiful one.



4 thoughts on “Accomplishment

  1. Kind of cruel, eh! I tried to have a sneak preview of your upcoming masterpiece but you made sure it’s blurry enough to prevent curious readers, like me, from finding out what it’s about.
    It’s very satisfying for a writer to get out of a bottleneck and reclaim her fluidity. Congratulations!!!


    1. Thanks, Abufares. And yes, sorry, you’ll have to wait a while yet for the unveiling. I think when you’ve written only about 1/6 of the novel, it’s a little too early. 🙂


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