Small Reminder

Tonight we’re on the verge of being struck by another winter storm. Yes, it is only February so it has to be expected BUT I think many of us are reaching the end of our patience with winter. A small reminder of the colours of the seasons to come is always welcome.

This beautiful little plastic hairclip is clipped to the shade of my daughter’s lamp. Usually it goes relatively unnoticed but tonight it caught my eye and it’s lively colour made me smile. I hope it does you too.



4 thoughts on “Small Reminder

  1. When Gabriela constantly beats me it doesn’t mean that I’m not following your beautiful posts. I’m simply on the move with limited and sporadic online access.
    I like all of your recent ones AND I’m here before my Peruvian lawyer 😛


  2. Yes, my Syrian poet got here before me this time! LOL!
    On the other hand, I’m already tired of this summer. I can only sit and wait for colder days, but that’s more than a month away. Grass is always greener somewhere else, right?


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