Little Tweet

I decided to venture out today for a walk in the fresh air and sunshine. Even though I’m still not feeling great, I thought it might do me some good. Little did I know I’d be in for a delightful treat that will last me a lifetime. I went with the kids and my friend, Colleen, and her son to Hogs Back Falls here in Ottawa. Colleen’s father is quite an afficionado with birds and animals and taught Colleen about feeding birds by hand. Colleen came prepared with a bag of crushed peanuts and some other nuts. She taught all of us to put the feed in our hands held flat and still. Sure enough, the little Chickadees were soon flying down from the trees for their own treats. I, and the kids, we’re thrilled to feel the nearly weightless little bodies resting on our fingers. What a beautiful moment in nature that I hope to do again soon and many times thereafter.


(the little bugger had his head turned in the only clear shot I got but look at his lovely feathers!)


11 thoughts on “Little Tweet

  1. That is so awesome Isobel, I have always wanted to do that at the trails and never have, where at Hogs Back were you, near the round restaurant thing?


    1. No we were on the path along the river away from the restaurant. I hope you get a chance to try it. It is amazing. We had about 10 squirrels following us too. It was kind of funny.


  2. An unforgettable moment.
    Last week, NatGeo LA awarded a blind Uruguayan pianist as a Superbrain because he is able to recognize the song of over 350 birds. He was tested to recognize in TV the song of 15 birds, no mistakes allowed, and he was amazing at doing so.


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