Normally I don’t do much with my photos when I post here. I might lighten them a bit, but that’s all. Tonight I took a walk just at dusk. It was snowing… A lot… And just on the edge of being too dark to take a photo without a flash (I hate using the flash). I took a few of the winter wonderland around me but the most captivating (and I knew it would be) was of this tangle of snow laden grape vines. The original photo was very dark so I lightened it but it didn’t look like the vines as I saw them on my walk. Using a “stylize” feature on the photo editor, I came up with what you see below and this is very much how they looked this evening. Beautiful nature.



2 thoughts on “Stylized

    1. I’m very reluctant to do a lot of editing on a photo. Personally I think if it needs a lot of work, it probably wasn’t good in the first place. But, yes, this one just needed to be brought to light… So to speak. 🙂 Thanks, Gabriela.


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