Today I took the kids to a maple sugar bush and pancake house, Stanley’s Maple Lane Farm. It wasn’t the best day for it, it turned cold and blustery, but the kids still had a wonderful time. Most of it we spent in the barn. There, they had horses, cows, chickens, geese and ducks, a goat, a pig, a rabbit, and a cat. The young woman who worked in the barn was very friendly and informative and happily told the kids and me anything we wanted to know. My daughter was drawn to the horses and my son was fascinated by the cows. One in particular. It turned out that 3 of the cows and one horse were pregnant. The cow that my son favoured was in the first stages of birthing. We were told she would likely have her calf tonight. She lay on her side and moaned occasionally. She was already starting to produce milk and her back end was swollen. I couldn’t help but feel for her and wished her as much comfort as she could gather for herself. It struck me as a beautiful moment to look in her big brown eyes and see the hope of continuation of life. Some of the other cows had already had calves and were affectionately named “Momma”. I expect by tomorrow, this dear will join their ranks.



6 thoughts on “Momma

  1. Could you keep us posted?
    When I was four, I visited my mom’s hometown, Yurimaguas. My grandpa had a farm and there he had a cow with her calf named Yuyu, meaning something as baby. Three years later, I visited Yurimaguas again and I saw who I thought was Yuyu, but my grandpa told me that it wasn’t Yuyu but her calf. What a sensation for a seven year old girl was to witness that renovation of life!

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  2. It must’ve been very nice for the kids. My fondest memories are of such visits to nearby farms. Once I got a chance to milk a cow and it was an accomplishment that stuck with me for years.
    Thank you for sharing and I hope that your long winter ends soon.


    1. Abufares, please forgive me. Somehow this comment snuck by me. Lucky you having this opportunity. I’ve never really interacted much with farm animals. I wish I could visit the farm more often. It’s a great and enjoyable learning experience.


  3. Reminds me of my childhood on the farm, before we met, Izzer! It was so great to grow up surrounded by beautiful creatures! Cows and horses hold a special place I’m my heart


    1. You know, I knew that but I’d forgotten, Jenner. Glad you reminded me. You’re very fortunate to have had such an experience. Glad you came by and commented. 🙂


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