Happy Ostara

It was a strange first day of spring here. Not that I really expected anything different considering the winter we’ve had. It started rather hopeful with a steady rain, which I opened my eyes to, but by noon it had begun snowing and continued to through the rest of the day. The good thing I observed was that, despite the snow, nothing froze over. The melt waters were still running steadily past driveways and along curbs toward the drains. I watched the wind ripple one pool along the sidewalk and enjoyed the movement that I haven’t seen in a long time. This water was right near where a tree had been cut down earlier this winter. The soggy woodchips have become visible. The spring thaw may not be visually beautiful but it has raised a lot of spirits. Happy Ostara.



2 thoughts on “Happy Ostara

  1. Here, the transtion of seasons goes slow. Now that we started fall, you can feel kind of cold by sunset, cold wind blowing on your face. Day by day the weather changes until you definitely can tell the cold season is here.


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