Traditional Pow wow

Today at Carleton University, the 17th Annual Children & Youth Traditional Pow Wow was held in the Raven’s Nest Gymnasium. As with every Pow Wow I’ve attended, it was a beautiful show of colour, music, dance, and skill. The Grand Entry was lead by a colour guard which, I assume, was comprised of the elders and chiefs. They were followed by a group of graceful and festive dancers between the ages of about 5 to 20. There may have been a few older and younger. The little ones were so adorable in their ceremonial outfits as were the older ones, stunning in their handmade and hand beaded costumes.

I absolutely love attending these ceremonies. This is the first indoor one I’ve been to and, although I know with the weather we’re having there wasn’t a choice for venue, I have to say, they feel much better outdoors. Still, I’m always in awe and very glad that these events are held for public viewing and participation. Taking photos at this event was a little more tricky – understandable with all the small children there. If you’d like to see some more photos from a summer Pow Wow, the Anishnawbe Keeshigun Festival in Thunder Bay, please click here.




2 thoughts on “Traditional Pow wow

    1. The university teams are called the Carleton Ravens. Thus, the gymnasium is called the Raven’s Nest. Very appropriate for a pow wow, but ya, I wouldn’t want any flying overhead either. They’re better outside. Lol!


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