Like the rebel that I am, I’ve been wearing my rainboots for the past month…come hell or high snowbanks. Most of the time they’ve done the trick but a few times I got pretty cold toes. I just couldn’t bear to wear my snowboots any more. I was sick of the salt stains and their heaviness. Today, however, was the first day on which, as I reveled in the warmth of the sun and listened to the run-off of the melting snow, I actually felt like these rainboots of mine were exactly the correct attire. No, they’re not styling and yes, many of my office working friends bragged about going to work in their shoes but I, the perpetually prepared daycare provider, would have not made it far in shoes. Not with puddles to be splashed in, snow and ice covered ride-on toys to be dug out, and children needing rescuing from the knee high snow which tumbled over the top and into their boots. Nope. These boots will be my friends for at least another month. Then we’ll talk shoes.



7 thoughts on “Rainboots

  1. I like the initial feeling of wearing rain boots. The brief moment of immersion into an elastic reality. It’s filled with childhood nostalgia and an elusive sense of deja vue.


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