Friends Who Publish

Happy Friday, everyone! Today, I have a different kind of post. It’s one of great celebration. I have two friends who have both published this week on Amazon and I want to let you know all about it. It is especially encouraging to me as an aspiring writer to see friends actually publishing! When you first start out, publishing seems far away and rather intimidating. The whole process of finishing a novel, editing it, formatting it, and finding a place to publish it (whether through a publisher or on your own) is not an easy task and sometimes rather painful. Sure, loads of people have published but no one I know, personally, has done it. But these two did and they even survived!

Spring Fever and Black Chocolate

If you’re interested in reading some hot, steamy romance, you won’t want to miss Spring Fever and Black Chocolate by Rose D. Franklyn. She’s new to the genre but sure to make a big splash. I was lucky enough to whet my appetite (so to speak) with a preview of this book and I’m dying to see how it all plays out. It’s fantastic! The story will be one of 4 in a series of book entitle Sex and the Seasons. I’m sure after this long cold winter we could all use some heating up and this is just the way to do it. Franklyn’s book is available in paperback or for the Kindle (click the cover photo to take you to Franklyn’s book on

From Stardust to Auburn Hair

If you like romance but are interested in something less steamy and somewhat more…supernatural, you might want to check out From Stardust to Auburn Hair, written by Maher M. Mansour. It is an intriguing and romantic short story; a tale of the unlikely relationship between a witch and a scientist “that ventures into the fabric of time, unfolds it then folds it back again. An affair of the heart and mind, spiced with a pinch of the occult and a dash of imagination…”. Mansour’s book is available from for the Kindle as well (again, click the cover photo to go to Amazon).

Of course, you could read both which is what I plan to do. ENJOY!!!


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