The Cat in the Box

No, this is nothing to do with Schrodinger. This cat is definitely still alive… No question. This cat happens to be Minerva; one of my three. She’s keen on boxes… of any size… even ones she can only get her head into. Like a cereal box, for instance. Once, when she was a kitten, she molded herself into a Tupperware. She kind of looked like she’d been vacuum packed into it. I never really know, from hour to hour, where I’ll find her next and it’s often a source of great amusement. Although today’s “find” wasn’t as funny as some days, it definitely brought a smile to my face – something much needed on a snowy April day. Amongst the chaos and noise of the daycare (7 active kids), I found her sleeping soundly in the costume box. Well, why not? It’s like the Hilton of boxland.



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