My New Etsy Shop: Invitations


Forgive me for a little shameless self-promotion. I’m pretty excited because today I sold my first item on Etsy. I opened my shop, Isobel’s Invitations and Designs, there about three weeks ago but hadn’t advertised it yet. This is why I was so surprised and pleased when the order came in. I decided to start the shop after creating the invitations for my son’s and daughter’s birthdays from scratch on my PC. I thought “What the heck?” I could offer this service to my friends and other people as well. It would be a fun thing to do on the side.

I don’t have a lot in my store yet, but I’m hoping to get a few completely custom orders that will allow me to build up my inventory. So, if you have anything coming up which requires custom invitations, announcements, or business/personal cards, get in touch with me through my shop. I can do designs for both children and adults. I will offer a discount to the first 10 people who place an order and in turn, I only ask that I can use those designs (minus your personal information) on my storefront. The designs are sent, anywhere in the world, to you as high quality PDF files which you can then print or have printed anywhere.

Here’s an example of the most popular one so far:

Movie Party

Please drop by for a visit. 🙂


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