Out Again and Enjoying Nature

It’s been a while since I’ve been back to Hog’s Back Park. When I was there in February, my friend had told me the secret of feeding the birds and other critters there. Today I thought, since the sun was shining, it would be a good opportunity to pass along the joy of nature to one of the little guys in my daycare. We stopped to see the rushing falls and then headed down bird/squirrel/chipmunk alley to see what we could find. We first crossed paths with the friendly little chipmunks. They were utterly adorable as they’d walk right up to our hands and take the peanuts to stuff their cheeks. The little fellow was keen on trying this too after he saw me do it. I was impressed with his ability to stay quiet and still. Quite a feat for a 3 year old. Later we ran into another woman who was feeding the chickadees with seeds so we joined her. The little guy tried to feed the birds but was nervous and preferred I do it. And they came. Taking photos while crouching, holding a bag of peanuts in one hand, holding out the other for the birds, and steadying a 3 year old was rather tricky, not to mention the birds wouldn’t stop moving, so the photos aren’t as good as I’d like. But we still enjoyed every second of it. I’m sure I could do this every day of my life and never bore of it. 🙂


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