Nature’s Perfume

This morning, when I first woke up it was cloudy and I assumed it would be cool outside. When I opened the patio door and stepped out, I was completely taken by surprise by the warmth. The warm, humid air carried with it the scents of 100’s of plants all eagerly blossoming, the cedar of my deck, and the moisture of the earth. It was most delightful. Throughout the day I stopped and tried to take in as much spring air as I could. This evening, I paused to admire my plum tree glowing in the golden light. I opened the window to take in it’s perfume and found it to be purely intoxicating. Absolutely love this time of year.

plum tree


6 thoughts on “Nature’s Perfume

  1. Absolutely agree Isobel, I love this time of year and especially at Dawn and Dusk, the birds are more vocal and everything just seems so “untouched” beautiful!


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