Busy Bees

The lovely thing about fruit trees in blossom is that they really attract bees. With all the concern about bees lately, it does the heart good to see them flying happily from flower to flower doing their thing. I realize, that there are still major problems in bee populations, but when you see them so busy and plentiful, it gives one hope. Here, I’ve photographed a Bumblebee…the smaller Honeybees are much more difficult to capture on my phone camera. He was so happy in my neighbour’s breathtaking Crabapple.



2 thoughts on “Busy Bees

    1. Thanks, Sharon. Yes it was my phone. It took me a few tries. I decided that I would only use my phone for these posts because it’s much faster. However, I did wish I had my good camera with its zoom lens to capture these little guys. I may try again soon.


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