Tulip Photo Fun

I don’t very often use a photo editor for my pictures here. At most, I’ll balance them a bit or crop but that’s it. I took this photo of a tulip in my front garden and loaded it into Pixlr Express just for fun. Although I love the original, I also really like the effect. Tulips are beautiful anyway and because they’re so diverse in colour and shape, I find them fascinating.

original tulip
This is the original. I think it’s rather ethereal looking.

This is the one altered in Pixlr Express. I love the detail it brought out. (Apparently I rotated it too).


6 thoughts on “Tulip Photo Fun

    1. Thanks, Abufares. Sometimes I worry that I’m inundating my readers with too many flower pics. After a long, cold winter, though, I really can’t control my impulse to photograph them. I’m so happy to see them. 🙂


  1. Thank’s a lot for following my blog. You’re my first follower. 🙂 I love your flower photographs, especially the beautiful pastel colors. The roses in our garden start to reveal their first blossoms. Hopefully, I’ll have the chance to take some good shots.


    1. Hi Achim. Welcome to my blog and I’m happy to have found yours. I have no doubt, from what I’ve seen so far that you’ll do your roses justice. 🙂 I love casual photography, photographing flowers the most.


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