The Story of the Sand Cherry

I had seen Purple Leaf Sand Cherries before but, up until about 10 years ago, I hadn’t realized how pretty they were in bloom. At that time I drove out to Strathmere , near Ottawa, where the entrance to the beautiful old home that stands on the property (now an inn) is flanked by Sand Cherries. I was taken with their appearance, almost oriental in their delicate beauty. I decided I needed one for my garden and planted one that summer.

The one I have, which has filled in the space between the deck stairs and the fence, has grown above the height of my deck railing, about six feet. Happily, I can admire it from my dining room table. Last year, I added another one to the other side of the stairs of the deck. I can’t wait for it to grow to the same size.

Yes, they only blossom once a year, but it is so worth it. The rest of the year, I can admire their unique purple foliage. Love. 🙂

Sand Cherry


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