Detested Beauty


First we proudly picked them for our mothers. As small children we delighted in their bright, yellow blossoms. Later, we learned that they were weeds and gradually came to detest them and to rip them from the ground.

In the last 5 years or so, Ottawa has banned the use of chemical herbicides. As much as I welcomed the law, I also knew it would create a lot more work for property owners. Sure enough, lawns everywhere have become host to a lot more than just grass (those that haven’t are deemed suspicious).

At first I cringed at the sheer number of dandelions on my lawn and throughout the parks. I watched in horror on a windy day as the seeds were spread far and wide. But now, as I’ve settled into accepting their presence, I can’t help but admire the cheerful, yellow glow of hundreds of blooms over a wide field.

And, of course, children everywhere still love to pick them and present them as beautiful gems to their parents as well as to blow their seeds from the puff ball tops. Watching that is worth way more than a perfectly manicured lawn, if you ask me.



4 thoughts on “Detested Beauty

  1. Yellow, as painted by nature, is full of life. Even in still photography it looks and feels as if it’s going to spill out of the printed picture or screen. Great shots as usual. Beautiful writing!


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