Look Closer

In my neighbourhood, one of the houses has these massive bushes at the corner of their lot. They’re probably about 7 feet high, if not more. They’re the kind of thing you would normally just walk past and your brain would register “big, green bush”.


I, however, stand beside these bushes every day while waiting for the school buses. Today, while admiring their size, I noticed they had a collection of beautiful, delicate, little green flowers on them… All over.


It often pays to look closer at the world around us. You never know what you might discover.



6 thoughts on “Look Closer

    1. You know, Jenn, I don’t recall what it looks like in the fall. I stood beside it every day too. I’ll have to look closer this year. Thanks for the name… I was hoping someone would know. 🙂


  1. I love those little discoveries. I do that, point them out to Stefan. He always says: how did you notice? I do it when diving as well. I am fascinated by the macro. Great photos!

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