Crazy Animal Lady

Amongst my circle of friends, I’ve been given the title Crazy Cat Lady. I prefer Cat Whisperer but the aforementioned friends seem reluctant to comply. Fine. I am crazy about cats, it’s true. Truth be told, however, I’m pretty crazy about all sorts of animals. I’m just an animal person. This truth is very lucky for two raccoon brothers who live under my deck. You see, I have bowls of cat food and water outdoors for my three cats who, in the summer, wander at will inside and out. One of my cats, prefers to eat outside. All three of them like to stay out all night. Ideally, they would have food and water all night as well. However, Sam and Joe (the names I’ve given to the raccoon brothers) think the feast is set out for them and they come regularly for their feeding. As soon as I hear the clanking and banging of bowls, I know Sam and Joe are getting their fill. This does present a problem to me. Raccoons do not practice portion control. They’re little gluttons really. Once they start in on the food they eat every last piece they can find, including scouring the bowl area with their little paws for any morsel that might have escaped the bowl. Essentially, my cats get no food at night. There is no point in refilling the bowls until morning because those bandit-faced puff balls will eat it all again. Oh well, it’s not as if my cats will starve to death, and really, who can resist this little face? So, Sam and Joe get a meal once a day and then lumber off to do whatever raccoons do – probably attempting to get into every Green Bin in the neighbourhood. And, just in case you’re wondering, no – my cats and the raccoons do not fight. In fact there’s no hissing and yowling at all. They seem to tolerate each other. I think my cats are just too smart to tangle with them.



4 thoughts on “Crazy Animal Lady

  1. There are many wonderful quotes about animals, and about people who love animals. I chose this one because it’s the closest I could find to do justice to your post.
    “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”
    ~Anatole France


  2. That is so cute Isobel, have you ever seen them wash their little hands, it is so cute, I have watched them wash their hands/paws in my bird fountain and it is soooo cute!! Sharon


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