Bits of Today

I am POOPED! I spent the majority of the day outside and now I could easily put my forehead on the keyboard and sleep. It’s amazing what fresh air and sunshine will do to you. With all my time outside, I did manage to take some photos. One in the garden with my Giant Red Poppies and several at Mooney’s Bay here in Ottawa. Hope you enjoy themzzzzzzzzzzzz….


8 thoughts on “Bits of Today

  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! Those poppies are magnificent, I can’t believe the size and how early they are out!!! Mine are still tiny seedlings; I think they are a later poppy, they certainly are tiny compared to your giants!! Send me some seeds pretty please!!! ??


    1. Sure will, Jenner. I put my hand beside them because I’ve posted photos before and I don’t think people realised how big they actually are. Quite magnificent!


        1. I have 3 children so dog tired has become a way of life lol keep up with the photos though really good work 🙂


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