No… Not that kind of bull. This kind.


Up near my cottage in West Quebec, there’s a large pasture. It exists on both sides of the gravel road we travel to get to our lane way. When we first started coming up here there were always horses grazing. Then one year the horses disappeared and cows showed up. More recently there is a mixture of cows and horses. Tonight, on a drive into town to get ice cream, I saw, in the distance and through some shrubs a large form that I knew couldn’t be a cow or a horse. As we got closer we saw this guy looking out onto the road. I stayed in the car to take the shot. The wire fence did not look like it would hold him if he got angry. After I took the photo I looked to the other side of the road and saw another bull looking out onto the road as well like a mirror image of his buddy across the way. This scene provided ample humour for the kids as they tried to imagine what the bulls were saying to one another. Ah cottage life. Always full of small adventures!


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