Loss of Bees Means the Loss of So Much More

This is something to think about as we move into the weekend. For quite a few years now we’ve been hearing and reading stories about the loss of honey bees. It has become a critical situation and I’m pretty sure the governments here in North America aren’t moving quickly enough to find a solution. Not only does the loss of the honey bee affect the honey making industry, it affects a large part of our agricultural industry. Health Canada states the following:

Declines in honeybee and other pollinator populations have generated considerable scientific and public interest both in Canada and internationally. A number of factors are seen as potential contributors to these declines and no single factor has been identified as the cause. The available science suggests that multiple factors acting in combination may be at play, including loss of habitat and food sources, diseases, viruses and pests, and pesticide exposure.

It is also known that certain pesticides can pose an immediate, or “acute”, threat to bees. In order to protect pollinators, the labels of pesticides that pose such risks specify detailed use directions to reduce potential exposure. These include restrictions on pesticide spraying on flowering crops or weeds where bees may be present. All precautions and directions on pesticide labels should be followed.

Although our government is aware of the situation, there does not appear to be a ban in place for the pesticides. I find this alarming for many reasons. Watch this video and see if you agree. If you would like to take action, the Green Party provides a petition here that you can sign, or write your MP.

Photograph by Solvin Zankl/Visuals Unlimited, Inc./Corbis

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