Over the last few days…

A few photos.

I’ve been working very hard on my front garden over the last few weeks. It’s had a terrible weed problem in the past but I’m hoping to keep it in the past. For all my hard work I’ve bought myself a little wind chime to hang in the apple tree. It makes a lovely sound and makes me smile. Another thing which makes me smile is the great haul of raspberries I’ve got from my backyard garden this year. The photo below is just what I picked today. JOY!

I’ve been spending a lot of time near water as well this past week. Ottawa has many beautiful places to do this. Along the Ottawa River near Remic Rapids, there’s a talented artist named John Ceprano who creates sculptures out of rocks there. Also, a lovely park called Brown’s Inlet, has a sizable bond with quite a few ducks. I had never seen a Wood Duck before and was impressed with its colours.


2 thoughts on “Over the last few days…

  1. Thank you for sharing these photos and for letting us inhale the refreshing essence of your words. I always walk out of your blog, so to speak, feeling as if I’m stepping out of a garden, where the trees and shrubs provide cool shade and the hypnotizing gurgle of a fountain infuses my mind with the simple joy of being.

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