Change of Scenery

Hello dearest readers. At the end of the work day today, I’m off on vacation! JUST A LITTLE EXCITED. I’m going up to Georgian Bay and then off out East to Montreal, Quebec City, and Prince Edward Island. Soooo…I’m planning on taking a million photos…give or take…and I will be posting as many as I can here. A change of scenery is always inspiration for a photographer. It may also inspire some creative writing…you never know. 

This past week has been quite pleasant and relatively relaxing as lazy summer days tend to be. Even the kids have (more or less) taken it down a notch and enjoy their time outside. We went looking for rocks along the shore of the Rideau River. They love tossing rocks into the water which provided me with the photo of the ripples in the water. We ran through fields of clover which smell so lovely. And we spent time in my backyard having water balloon fights and running through the sprinkler where I discovered that my wee rose-bush had actually produced some lovely flowers. As always, it’s the simple things that I enjoy and love to try to capture in photos.


See you next from Georgian Bay.
– Your soon-to-be roving blogger. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Change of Scenery

    1. Sorry, Gabriela! I just saw your comment here. I’m not sure we’ll get to Avonlea. It’s a bit out of the way and we really want to visit Charlottetown. We’ll see. 🙂


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