Summer Vacation 2014 – Second Leg – Quebec

After leaving Georgian Bay, we headed to Montreal. The drive there, according to Google, is about 6 hours. I think we made it in 8 or 9 hours due to stops and highway construction. Now, I like Montreal. The old part of the city is particularly lovely and there’s great shopping on Rue St. Catherine. However, our sole purpose for being in Montreal was to take the kids to the amusement park, La Ronde. They were so excited they could barely breathe (except when they were sleeping soundly in the back of the car as we bounded down the less-than-exciting 401). So, we stayed in a hotel on St. Catherine St. only minutes from the Ile Sainte-Helene where La Ronde is located. There was no sightseeing. We got to the hotel, slept, got up and went to the park. I did get a coffee at the Presse Cafe, which makes fantastic coffee and croissants, so that helped me feel a little more enthusiastic (very little) about spending hours and hours at an amusement park. Needless to say, I took very few photos at La Ronde, just one of their beautiful Ferris wheel. The kids absolutely loved the park and I enjoyed watching them have fun.

La Ronde Ferris Wheel_sm

The city next on our agenda was far more my speed as a vacation destination. We left Montreal late in the afternoon and headed to Quebec City. We had a beautiful hotel walking distance from the Old City, the Hotel Royal William. After a wonderful dinner at La Piazzetta, we slept, and then got up refreshed and ready to spend the day in Vieux Quebec. We walked from morning until evening and enjoyed every moment. It is a GORGEOUS city, it is historic (400 years), and it is bustling with activity. There are shops, cafes, street performers, horse-drawn carriage rides, and tours everywhere. I must have taken a photo of every darned street in the old city but I just couldn’t stop myself. Don’t worry, though, I’ve chosen just a few of my favourites to post here. In the end, I was really sad to leave and am already planning to spend more than one day in Quebec on my next vacation…more like a week.


2 thoughts on “Summer Vacation 2014 – Second Leg – Quebec

  1. Quebec City looks beautiful through the eye of your camera. I need to find out more about it since my Canadian geography is unfortunately very limited.
    And, I loved the photo of the Ferris wheel. I’d absolutely be thrilled if I can use it, or a higher revolution version as a desktop background on my PC.


    1. Thanks, Abufares! 🙂 Yes, do look at the history and geography of Quebec City. Very interesting. I can certainly send you a high res version of the Ferris Wheel.


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