Summer Vacation 2014 – Third Leg – Prince Edward Island

Finally, I have some time to get to writing about Prince Edward Island which was, after all, our ultimate destination this summer. We stayed there for three days. I’ll say right off, it is a lovely island – very scenic and quaint. Getting there across the 12.9 km Confederation Bridge is quite an experience as well. I’ve never seen such a long bridge! We stayed on the West side of the island not far from the North Cape which, although very nice, was not the most convenient place from which to see the island. The furthest we traveled East was to Charlottetown – a two hour drive. This means, of course, that I need to go back to see the East. I was most drawn to the area around Cavendish (not Cavendish proper as I found it too touristy). It reminded me a lot of Southwestern Ontario with its rolling hills and valleys. We did stop to visit the home where Lucy Maud Montgomery was born and we also went to Green Gables which, I think, was the highlight of my daughter’s visit to the island. Cavendish was a one day trip. The other two days we spent one in the North Cape and the other in Charlottetown. The North Cape was very rugged with beautiful red sand beaches and lots of lobster trapping. Charlottetown is a beautiful and historic city – it was the birthplace of Confederation – with lots to see and do.

My favourite photo from my trip to PEI is the one below. It was taken near the cottage I stayed at on a small inlet off of Cascumpec Bay. The land on which the boat is resting in the photo is covered with water when the tides come in.

boat on shore

The rest of my photos are a combination of the North Cape and of Charlottetown – and, of course, a shot of the Confederation Bridge. I forgot to bring my camera memory card when I went to Cavendish (oops). Enjoy. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Summer Vacation 2014 – Third Leg – Prince Edward Island

  1. Very very nice photos. I loved the one of the dinghy too, but my soft spot is my fascination with Lighthouses so you know which one is my favorite. I would love a high res copy of it for my desktop if possible 🙂 Not to outdo you in any way, but I used to drive on the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge to New Orleans once a month, 29.29 Km (18.2 miles) long. I remember how awed I always felt by this awesome feat of engineering. And the bayous!!! Now you just brought back wonderful memories.
    I’m glad you seem to have enjoyed your vacation. I’m on mine right now. Status: Highly Stressed 😀


    1. Thanks, Abufares. I will send along a copy of the lighthouse to you. There are many bridges much longer than the Confederation Bridge. It’s amazing how big they can be. This bridge’s claim to fame, however, is that it’s the longest bridge to span a body of ice in the winter. Lol! Enjoy your vacation. Hopefully once you settle into it, the stress will melt away. Take care.


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