Shy Moon


I captured this photo of the moon tonight. On first inspection you might think “Hmmm… Another moon photo.” and, of course, you’d be right. However, I’m rather proud of this one because of the method by which I captured it. First of all, it’s with my cell phone. Ever tried to take a photo of the moon with your cell? Big fuzz ball of white right? So how did I magnify it? Well, with my binoculars of course!

That being said, it was not an easy task. It took me about half an hour to find a good strategy but I was determined to succeed. First of all, binoculars are not light… Especially when you’ve been holding them in the air for a long time. My arm was shaking all over the place. Then, trying to hold the phone camera lens over the eye piece AND train the binoculars on the moon at the same time is insanely difficult.

Finally, I found a way to support the binoculars on the deck rail. This helped tremendously… Although I still had to keep them trained on the moon. The above is the result of all that. “Why not just use a camera with zoom lens?” you ask? For starters, I didn’t have one with me. Also, it was kind of a cool (albeit mildly painful) experiment. 🙂 Ta-da! My early September moon!


6 thoughts on “Shy Moon

  1. That is really cool Isobel, I thought of doing that the other day to take a picture of a blue heron in the bay but thought , nah, that wont work, so really neat to see your success!


    1. Yes! Give it a try sometime, Sharon. It is rather tricky and the image is nowhere as clear as what you see through the binoculars…but it’s a heck of a lot better than what the phone can do alone.


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