Icy Remnants

The cold snap has come and gone through Ottawa. We had some pretty frigid temperatures, especially the windchill which dropped to -40C (-40F) the other night. Just before the frigid temperatures, it rained and then froze leaving a layer of ice on everything, including tree branches and the most delicate of shrubs. It’s quite spectacular to see when the sun shines upon these tiny crystals that form. I’ve been dying to go out and photograph them but it’s been too cold (for me, anyway) to use a camera until today. Warm enough for a few photos, still cold enough to preserve the remnants of the big chill. These photos were taken in my yard. The first is of my Purple Leaf Sand Cherry and the second of what is left of my Basil plant.

Purple-leaf Sandcherry


Until next time. Keep warm and have a lovely weekend. 🙂


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