Do What Makes You Happy

I used to write about politics and world events on my blog occasionally. It was a method of expressing my frustration – ranting and raving about different issues. In the end, however, it brought me very little satisfaction. Often, I ended up being more frustrated than when I started. Admittedly, I have a rather jaded view of world politics. I resent being told what to think by manipulation through media and social media. Many are so blinded by the posturing, tribalism, and glorification of battle that they fail to see or act on the real issues causing problems in the world. Sadly, those who can see, have very little, if any, power to do anything about it.

I still dabble here and there with these issues, mostly on Twitter now, but always to the same end result. Doom and gloom.

And who wants that?

happyNOW I try to focus my energy on creativity. It is a far more pleasurable pass-time and gives me much more satisfaction and far less, if any, frustration. Tonight, I just returned home from another successful writers group. We had a great turn out tonight and lots of ideas were passed around the table. Everyone in the group is very keen, not only to write, but to help the other members of the group. I always come home with things to think about and loads of inspiration. It’s impressive to see so much talent and exciting to hear about new works in progress and goals being set.

Speaking of goals, my introduction to #ROW80 has been a very positive influence on my own writing. It’s motivating to be accountable, even in a small way, and I’ve already met quite a few other writers. When I first posted about the challenge and my goals last week, I had no idea that most people were writing goals far beyond one piece of writing. They were outlining the next 80 days in many aspects of their lives…mostly to do with writing, but far more than on just one novel. They set goals for blogging, attending writers groups and associations, how they were going to use social media, and many, many other areas of productivity in which they were involved.

Sooo….On Wednesday, I’m just going to update ROW80 with a few extra of my goals that are either directly or indirectly related to my novel. I have made some decisions and made a conscious effort to follow through with them. So far they have paid off.

Now. I have 500 words to write so I’d better quit blathering here and get with the program!

Until next time, do what makes you happy!


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