Colour me Happy!

I am SO incredibly pleased right now. My blog look has FINALLY come together. I found a theme that goes so well with my header and the whole look is exactly what I’ve been striving for. I was literally clapping my hands and jumping up and down in my chair when I switched themes. I know…small things…but for someone with a design background, these really aren’t small things.

I studied Interior Design at Algonquin College here in Ottawa before having children. It was a fantastic course and the students from the program come out prepared for many facets of design. Some went on to work in a commercial setting – designing office spaces, restaurants, and stores for a wide variety of clientele. Others focused on home design – remodeling, decorating, and staging. Yet others went into seemingly unrelated work but, no doubt, were able to adeptly apply the skills they learned in the course to the benefit of whatever project they might be working on.

A few years ago I started a blog on which I had hoped to write solely about design. I managed to keep it going for a while but I eventually realised that having more than one blog was just too much and it took away from the quality of my main blog…this one. I really enjoyed that blog, though, and miss the design aspect of my life. Anything that I do creatively now, always has elements of design applied to it by me either consciously or subconsiously. And I’d like to explore the world of design occasionally on this blog.

Posts may simply be a photo of a building or a striking colour combination, but if it’s here it has inspired me so hopefully it will inspire you as well.

Now, one must give credit where credit is due. What I’m about to present to you was brought to my attention through Pinterest by a woman with whom I graduated from design school. She has a wonderful design blog called Vin’yet Etc. You should really check it out!

Many of us have difficulty deciding what colour combinations work well together. We know it if we see it, but gathering all those colours in the first place is tricky. Of course, the more training you have in colours, the easier this becomes, but sometimes a gift of preconceived colour schemes is rather delightful. Sure, we’ve all seen the paint chip books which are usually pretty great, but they don’t hold a candle to what I’m about to show you. If you have a creative streak that requires the use of the colours, or if you’re wanting to decorate your home,  or you just like pretty colours you will want to see Design Seeds.

Simply put, Design Seeds takes inspiration from nature and other interesting elements and creates colour schemes. One colour scheme, which has always been my favourite (and some day I’ll apply it) is a November day where the sun is shining toward a stormy, grey sky. The dark, bare trees, the brown pussy willows, the flax coloured grasses, and the evergreens are lit by the sun against the sky. To me, it is absolutely stunning. On Design Seeds, I think this below is the closest. There are just so many to choose from.



It is getting late and I must skedaddle off to bed. There is no point in me describing Design Seeds – just go and see it. I guarantee, you’ll enjoy it. Let me know what you think.

Until next time…goodnight!


4 thoughts on “Colour me Happy!

  1. It is a daunting task to maintain more than one blog, unless of course one is a professional blogger. I don’t see why you couldn’t make this one the melting pot of all your creative urges. It’s a beautiful and cozy site, and the latest face-lift has done wonders in further enhancing its simple aesthetics. I always look forward to your next post and you should put your wandering mind to your advantage. The trend toward specialized blogs, while very practical and in demand, makes yours unique as it provides your readers with an unexpected treat every time they visit. I think this is basically the appeal you should seek and maintain. And, thank you for the link to Design Seeds. Very interesting!

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    1. Hi Abufares. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Indeed, that is what my blog is, a creative melting pot and that is exactly where I’m purposefully going with it. Since design drives a lot of my creativity, and vice versa, it is definitely worth a mention. Glad you liked Design Seeds. I think it’s a great resource for colour.


  2. I liked your design. And I agree with you and Abufares, it’s hard to run more than one blog. I’ve never tried that, but I see other people who manage pretty well with a blog about recipes and another one about everything.
    Your blog looks great!

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    1. Thanks, Gabriela. 🙂 Ya. Some people have more time, I guess, to dedicate to multiple blogs or, like Abufares said, they’re professional bloggers. I love blogging (as I’m sure you noticed) but I haven’t given it as much attention as I should have and partly because I was spreading myself too thin amongst too many blogs. Have a super day!


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