Mid-week Check-in: Not much to Show

ROW80LogocopyThis is not going to be the best check-in. Hopefully, actually, it will be the worst of the bunch and from here on in they’ll get better. I haven’t written a word on my story since last Thursday. That’s almost a week without much to show. Good for me. (Not really) In fact, I’m going to make this a quick post so I can get at my story tonight.

I’m not going to make excuses. The only thing I can say is that I’ve been extremely tired. Last night I opened my story, read the last paragraph and didn’t have a clue where to go with it. This evening I fell asleep during dinner (not at the table) so hopefully I got my little nap out of the way and can push forward to at least 500 words tonight.

My kids are both sick with a horrible cough that has been going on way too long. I got them into a pediatrician today and they’re on antibiotics. My daughter has developed bronchitis. I’m wondering if I’ve been so tired because my body is fighting whatever virus this is. I hope, however, that it wins the war because I DO NOT want this cough. I feel terrible for my kids.

Anyway, I’d better get at it. My characters are in limbo in a very precarious situation that needs resolving.

Until next time…keep well!


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