Midweek Check-in: Derailed

ROW80LogocopyThe past few days my writing momentum seems to have been derailed. I haven’t written on my blog nor on my story. There are many things going on in my life right now and I’ve turned my focus and energies there. When I’ve thought about writing, nothing happened. It just wouldn’t come so I didn’t force it. However, there comes a time when you know you need to get back on track or that train cannot be salvaged. So here I am again, quickly reporting in and hoping to pull up my bootstraps and carry on.

Although my writing has been non-existent, I have been reading a delightful novel…fluffy and lovely….just the way I like them. It’s called Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen. If you’re in for a little magic and a little romance, pick up this book!

garden spells

Hopefully next time, I’ll have more to report. Until then…I hope a little magic is touching your lives.


5 thoughts on “Midweek Check-in: Derailed

  1. I’ve found that I go in ebbs and flows, creatively speaking. If you’re reading something lovely, maybe it’ll translate into something in your writing. I often find I need lots of input before a surge of writing.

    May the words flow soon! =)

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    1. Thank you! They’re coming back and YES reading is immensely helpful for inspiration. Creativity is the same for me. Sometimes there’s nothing there and then other times I think I’ll explode if I don’t work with it RIGHT AWAY! 🙂

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