ROW80: Super Bowl Check-in

ROW80LogocopyI’m checking in early today because tonight will be rather busy. Besides, it is highly doubtful that I would have any more writing done before checking in later tonight anyway. Since Wednesday I wrote 900 words which I’m happy about. It may be slow but at least I’m moving forward. I’ve also done some reading and some research for a future blog post which I’m enjoying. All in all, my week started out unproductive in relation to writing, but ended up okay. Nothing to complain about.

top-10-hardest-nfl-hits_7As everyone, even those who could care less about football, knows…tonight is the Super Bowl. I happen to be one of those people who falls into the “care less” category. The last Superbowl I watched was in 1989 when Tim Krumrie (I had to look up his name) broke his leg. Not quite as spectacular as the Joe Theismann break but it’s really the only thing I remember about the game…aside from the good food.

And…speaking of food. This, for me, is what the SB party is all about – that and the social aspect. The kids and I are going to a friend’s house to “watch the game” with several other families. I’ve been charged with the chili making and I happen to have perfected my chili just this past December so I’m happy to help out. It should be a lot of fun and my son is starting to enjoy watching sports so I’m sure he’ll get right into the activities.

Don’t ask me for predictions for the Super Bowl. The only prediction I can give you with confidence is that I will likely over eat! 🙂 If you’re watching the game tonight have fun. If you’re just taking it easy and staying as far away from the hype as possible have a great Sunday.

Until next time…go TEAM go!!!


9 thoughts on “ROW80: Super Bowl Check-in

  1. No one here is interested in the game. We had a lovely relaxed day of puttering and just being together. Now our house is pretty clean, and we’re all happy.

    A good week so far for you. I hope you enjoyed the food and the party, and may they prove inspirational!

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      1. Well, clean is a relative term – natural learning is amazing – but seldom really tidy!

        We’re snowed in today, so there’ll be time for lots more writing, puttering, and connecting.

        Feels just right. = D

        May your Monday delight you!

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  2. [raises hand] Also int the not caring category. I watched the Kitten Bowl instead. 😀 Much more entertainment. Congrats on your 900 words! I hope you enjoyed the friendship and food over the weekend.

    Also, mmm … chilli. That sounds so good right now. Do you have a favorite recipe that you make?

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    1. Hi Jessie. Yes! The link for the chili recipe is in my post. Look for the word “December”…it should be highlighted in blue.

      Kitten Bowl! Awesome! That would have been much more preferable for me too but I did manage to have lots of fun and lots to eat too. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by.


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