Fantasy Homes: Storybook Homes

The amazing, yet often frustrating, thing about the internet is that if you dream it, you can probably find that someone has done it. In the “good ol’ days” if you thought of something new and unique, chances were you wouldn’t have to compete with anyone because no one had access to world wide ideas. Now…well…we all know what it’s like now. You REALLY have to think outside the box (like about 5000 miles in every direction) to come up with something that someone else hasn’t already thought of. For designers and creators this is challenging in a good way and a bad way. For consumers it’s freaking AMAZING!

“I want a house in the shape of a fish with shingles that look like scales and a chimney that looks like a fishing hook.”

Done. (or whatever)

In my quest to find interesting homes inspired by fantasy, I’ve found that I don’t really have to search too darned hard. That being said, just because a lot of people are doing it, it doesn’t mean they’re doing it well. Given that everyone has different tastes and ideas of what fantasy means to them, I would tell you now that I tend toward styles that are inspired by old European fantasy and Fairy tales. I know that there are worlds, realms really, of other fantastic ideas that depart fully from this and I promise to look into them in some future posts.

For now, however, I need to bring to your attention some architects and their plans that I found today. Their company is quite simply (and effectively) called Storybook Homes. They design what inspires them:

We love the whimsy and charm of both the Old-world Picturesque and Storybook style because they’re exciting, they’re entertaining, they can make us smile, and they ignite the imagination! They speak to our hearts and dazzle our eyes with their charm.

The creativity of their plans is sheer genius. So adorable and so whimsical. They also use salvaged materials to add to the authenticity of the old world look. You can buy full plans from them and they are drawn according to US building codes. I mention this, because you often find lovely, fantastical buildings that, if you ever tried to build them here in North America, they would never hold up to our strict building codes.

But that’s all technical stuff…who cares, right? We’re just dreaming here. Let’s look at some of their designs.


GwyndolynHow wonderful are they? If I had the cash, you can be sure I’d build one in a heartbeat complete with secret rooms and surrounded by a huge, winding garden…and a pond. (why not?!)

Have a look at the Storybook Homes website. It’s wonderfully set up with little storybooks within which to peruse the plans.

Until next time…dream on!


12 thoughts on “Fantasy Homes: Storybook Homes

  1. I’m often torn between my classical and romantic yearnings in arts, but in architecture in particular. These storybook homes appeal to my sense of contradiction because they mix elements from diverse and often opposing schools. And then, there’s the magic of transforming fairytales, alternate realities weaved with words, into three dimensional, actual geometry.
    What would your storybook home be?

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    1. Hi Abufares. I’m quite fond of the Gwyndolyn. I don’t want anything too big but I love attention to detail and something unique. I think this has a nice combination of all of these things. How about you?


      1. I like Kestral, although to be honest, I had a very hard time seeing the floor plans. As an architect, I understand that Storybook Homes has to protect its designs from being accessed for free but the drawings are way too small. It’s not an easy goal to reach the perfect balance of usability and protecting one’s own intellectual rights. Perhaps higher resolution elevations, and/or perspectives of rendered 3D models would help better promote Storybook Homes while insuring no one gets a free ride on their account. I don’t know! Still, the concept is very interesting!

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        1. Yes, I liked the Kestral too. I chose the Gwyndolyn over it because I think the facade has a more “story book” appearance and I like the more spacious front entry. Otherwise they’re almost identical. And yes, I agree. I found it frustrating trying to see the plans. There weren’t any plans available for the larger homes. I don’t know what the solution is either…perhaps leaving parts of the plans out and just including the main living area? I’d have to see what other sites do.


  2. Thanks so much for the kind words about our work. Please drop us a note any time if you have any questions. We started Storybook Homes about 14 years ago because not only do we love and have a passion for this style of architecture, but we couldn’t find a design firm who specialized in this enchanting style of architecture and who could create what we wanted to build and live in. It’s really makes our day when someone calls us up on the phone and says, “we’ve been looking for a home designer/architect to design us something truly unique like this for years and we are so glad to finally find someone!”
    We wish you all the best, and thanks for sharing!
    Samuel & Tina Hackwell
    Storybook Homes

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    1. Thank you, Samuel, for stopping by to comment. It’s wonderful to have you here. If I ever decide to build a home, you can bet I’ll be giving you a call! 🙂 I really think your business was a stroke of genius and kudos to you for reintroducing such beautiful designs for new building.


  3. We were lucky enough to just finish building The Buckleberry, Although we had to eliminate a lot of the beautiful outside details because of BUDGET (there’s a six-letter word I grew to hate over the course of the build!), it’s absolutely amazing inside and I don’t miss our old Victorian a bit. Which never in a million years did I ever think I’d be saying. 🙂

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    1. You are lucky, indeed, Lynne. It is a gorgeous design and I’m so glad you’re thrilled with it. I know about that word budget…that’s why I like to dream…no budget required. 😉


    1. You know what, Gabriela? It is quite fascinating. It’s kind of neat to be able to combine my love of architecture and design with my love of writing and fantasy! 🙂


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