The Injustice

It was dinnertime and I told her so in my usual fashion. It wasn’t like her not to have it ready for me on time. I’d been out most of the day and figured today would be like every other day. But it wasn’t. She looked at me as if she didn’t know what I was waiting for. To be honest, I think she was ignoring me. Not that I wasn’t used to that. I’m also used to being very persistent and it usually pays off. However, something was different today and I just couldn’t quite figure out what.

Being hungry doesn’t do my temperament any good. I suppose my blood sugar drops and I get a little nasty. The other two were driving me nuts. It’s very difficult to have a decent conversation with anyone with them around. One thinks she’s a princess and the other is dumb as a door nail. I think they were distracting her from what she needed to be doing.  Living with them is really my greatest challenge. Luckily, I have them scared into submission. They know who’s boss and I can send them fleeing when it suits my purposes.

She always gets very angry at me when I behave “like a bully”, she says. I don’t know what she expects when the only thing I ask for consistently EVERY SINGLE DAY isn’t there when it’s supposed to be. I decided to retreat for a while and return to the kitchen later when she wasn’t so busy with other things. I used to be her priority but somehow, over the years, that changed drastically. I sat by a window and looked out while contemplating my future but I really couldn’t see much past dinner time.

Like everyone else, I couldn’t wait for spring. The long winter days were quite trying. We were all cooped up inside and the boredom didn’t help our dispositions. Mine in particular. My daily sojourns out into the snow were most unpleasant but, I suppose, no more unpleasant than for anyone else. But damn it, how am I supposed to accomplish my usual tasks without a proper dinner? I began to pace in front of the window growing more and more annoyed. Perhaps, I thought, I needed to take a tougher stance with her and make her very aware of how her inaction was affecting me.

Upon returning to the kitchen I saw that food had been made but something that was quite unsuitable for my palette. What kind of injustice is this? Has she gone completely mad? She knows damn well that I can’t eat that crap! At that point my anger knew no bounds. I chased Princess and Stupid from the room and cornered her. Things are going to get really bad unless I get what I want. I hurt her. Intentionally. She absconded me but it didn’t matter. At least she couldn’t ignore me anymore!

“Sorry, love.” she said with a pat. “We’re out of cat food.”


8 thoughts on “The Injustice

    1. Thanks, Gabriela. I know you’re not a cat person and not being around them and not really wanting to wouldn’t allow you to be aware of their personalities. They have quite strong ones and usually very entertaining. Since I have 3 cats, it’s much easier for me to imagine the inner dialogue that might go on…if cats actually thought like humans. 🙂


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