Candle Light After a Tragic Week


Normally, I like to focus on positive things on my blog but I feel I need to write this post as a small remembrance. This week has been a terribly tragic one in Canada for children. From what I’ve heard in the news we’ve lost at least 6 children in various parts of the country in the span of 4 days. It’s been heartbreaking and I just want to take a moment to remember them.

It all started with poor, wee Elijah Marsh in Toronto, Ontario who froze to death. Then toddlers Harley and Haley Cheenanow on the Makwa Sahgaiehcan First Nation in Saskatchewan and twelve year old twins,Gabrielle and Jacob Rondeau, of Gatineau, Quebec who died in house fires. And today, a baby girl in Fort McMurray, British Columbia who died from the inhalation of a toxic pesticide.

Also, in late January was the death of sister and brother Natalia and Jarome Wolverine, in a house fire on the English River First Nation.

May they all rest in peace.

PS. If you’ve noticed I’ve omitted any names, please feel free mention them in the comments section.


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