The Daughter

My name is Mariyah, I am 42,  and I am from Damascus.

I spent the first 19 years of my life growing up in this wonderful city as part of a large family. I have four older brothers, my eldest being 10 years my senior. At the age of 19 my father decided I should go elsewhere to further my education and I ended up in Canada. There, I spent another 20 years,  first earning my degrees at a university and then continuing to work at the university as an Anthropological researcher.

A year ago, I returned to Damascus after some upheaval in my life and I began writing my blog. I started by journaling about my journey back. In that journey, I looked at who and what surrounded me as they were familiar but differed from what they were 20 years ago. Memories of a place do not change with the times, and I had to adapt to many unexpected changes. I also looked at the history of my family and my home as a way to redevelope my sense of identity which seemed to have been lost or somewhat misplaced abroad. It was a great adjustment, much larger than I had first supposed it might be.

Then, as I began writing the story of my parents – Ghassan and Alexandra – the focus of my blog changed. It developed into something I had never dreamed of when I first began it. It has became a place of extraordinary enjoyment for me. A place of creativity and fantasy. Happily, it also continued to be a place to feel connected with many wonderful members of the blogging community and readers from all corners of the globe. That would include you, dear reader – those of you who read what I have to say and some of you who comment. Thank you for being here always with me on this wonderful journey.

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6 thoughts on “The Daughter

  1. ill start by saying that im allready addicted to your blog (: it joins my other addictions such as cigarettes and draft beer.i admire the way you describe things and events as you really have lived it or experienced it..seems as graet talent u have so just keep on doing the good thing.still searching for the reason for it the lost innocence? nostalgy?hope that we experience those feelings again? i dont know!!!!but i love your writing



  2. Thank you, Sahir. The reasons for writing is a combination of many factors. Certainly the things you listed are part of it. What really keeps me going, however, is readers like you. Your comments are much appreciated.


  3. i guess u r awake at the moment !!!! do you think alexandra will choose to loose control? ( im thinking loudly) ,i hope she does.


  4. Sahir, I’m often awake during the deepest, darkest hours of the night! 🙂 By loose control, do you mean to rebel against her father? Well, you shall find out soon enough. Of course, I can’t tell you now!!


  5. keefik mariyah??? its like a private smile from god hiself..walking over the clouds…meeting of the lovers…


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