Sea Side

Written in collaboration with Abufares.


While Canadian, Amar Masoud, is vacationing in her father’s homeland of Syria, she finds far more than simple food and drink after she stops for a meal at a seaside cafe. When she engages in light conversation with the beautiful waitress, Yasmina Reyess, and an awkward but intriguing professor from a local university, Dr. Youssef Khalil, she has no idea that she will soon be drawn into a purpose and an adventure that consume her. The gruff Yazan, the elusive Houssam, and the manipulative and injured Rana, are all part a list of characters that bring this story to life as Amar discovers true friendship and eternal love.

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Artwork by Joseph Matta

This beautiful cover artwork was done by fellow blogger and reader, Joseph. Abufares and I were both so thrilled and touched by Joseph’s enthusiasm and undeniable talent. Thank you, again, Joseph. Your contribution makes writing the story just that much more enjoyable and more like a community collaboration. It is a lovely dream to think that one day the cover and text might be on bookstands.



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