Every year I can’t resist taking photos of my plum tree in bloom. This year it seemed to go from just budding to full blossoms in one day. It’s in full glory right now. The problem for me was trying to find a new and unique way to capture the blossoms. I mean, how many ways can you photograph plum blossoms? Well, happily I think I found one. What do you think of this?

Plum Blossoms

This morning I was up early and enjoyed the view out back of the rising sun capturing the freshly forming maple leaves. Interestingly, living in Canada my entire life, I’d never noticed that maple trees have blossoms too! I know. For shame, for shame. They just happen to be green and they’re quite lovely!

Maple Blossoms

These were taken with my cell phone and I continue to be impressed with the camera on it. However, hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to take a foray into the blossoming park-lands of Ottawa with my DSLR and capture some more.

Until next time, enjoy the nature around you whatever the season!


Pictures from a Year Ago

We Canadians here in Ottawa were celebrating joyfully these past few days as the temperatures rose above 0C (32F) for the first time in a long time. It has been years (20, to be precise) since we’ve had such cold temperatures and for such a length of time. In Ottawa, February was the coldest ever recorded! As Brackenreid (from one of my favourite shows, Murdoch Mysteries) would scoff “BLOODY HELL!”.

Occasionally, I’ll look back at my photos from the same day a year ago (or more) just to see what I was up to or compare weather, etc. Interestingly, I discovered my photos from March 8, 2014 revealed a scene not unlike that of yesterday. I remember taking those photos and how thrilled I was to see the results of the thawing snow forming large puddles on the walking path. I took a similar delight this year…and probably have every year of my life!

It will likely be a bit of a temperature roller-coaster until May, going above 0 and then dipping below again but I won’t be surprised to see most of my compatriots running around in T-shirts by the time it hits PLUS 10C (50F). We’re a hardy and slightly “off the rocker” bunch…and we LIKE it that way!


Until next time…be sure to dress appropriately for the weather! 😉

Nature’s Perfume

This morning, when I first woke up it was cloudy and I assumed it would be cool outside. When I opened the patio door and stepped out, I was completely taken by surprise by the warmth. The warm, humid air carried with it the scents of 100’s of plants all eagerly blossoming, the cedar of my deck, and the moisture of the earth. It was most delightful. Throughout the day I stopped and tried to take in as much spring air as I could. This evening, I paused to admire my plum tree glowing in the golden light. I opened the window to take in it’s perfume and found it to be purely intoxicating. Absolutely love this time of year.

plum tree

A Week in Review

I’ve gotten rather lax about posting Beautiful every day. I can’t promise to improve, but I’d like to for my own sake. It’s nice to look back and see what object or event was special to me on any given day. Thing is, with the nice weather coming around, I spend less time in front of a screen and more time outside. That, however, should give me more to write about. So no excuses…

Here is this week in review:


My daughter created a pre Mother’s Day gift from natural elements. I wasn’t sure how long it would stay intact so I photographed it. I think it’s perfectly lovely.


The children in the daycare were creating their Mother’s Day gifts using paint. Kids enjoy mixing their paints instead of keeping the colours separate. I loved the effect on their palettes.


Came across these lovelies, Glory-of-the-snow, growing along a path at a local garden centre. They were so bright against the dark earth. So beautiful after a long winter.


The Canadian Museum of Nature has a wonderful new exhibit called Creatures of Light. I got an opportunity to see it yesterday. These are bioluminescent mushrooms. Fascinating!


Today it was warm enough to slip on my flip flops! In other words, it was above 20 C. Joyous toe freedom!

This was a good week!

Southern Blooms

It always amazes me that a few hours of travel south can make such a huge difference in what one sees in bloom. In Ottawa, in the sunniest of places, daffodils and some tulips have started to show up. The location, though, must be very sheltered. In Southern Ontario, however, it’s amazing what one can see now. Here’s a cheerful selection of what I saw this weekend. Coming soon to more Northern locales…we hope. 🙂